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Originally developed and operated by Agile Pursuit Franchising (Tide Cleaners Franchisor) the four stores in Cincinnati showcase the breakthrough concept of the new model for dry cleaning and garment care created by Proctor and Gamble. Much of the focus of operating these stores in Proctor and Gambles headquarters town was the ability of the franchisor to develop and refine innovative concepts prior to introduction to the Tide Cleaners franchise community.

Having decided that it was time for APFI to turn over operation of the stores to focus on the broader franchise network and its continued growth, we were selected by APFI to assume ownership and operations for the stores moving forward. The stores will continue to be utilized as an introduction and demonstration of the Tide Cleaners concept to potential franchisees, financial institutions, and others.

The next milestone in the Cincinnati market is for Consolidated Cleaners of Cincinnati to develop the metropolitan area with additional Tide Cleaners locations through organic growth and acquisitions. In addition, the intent is to as quickly as possible identify and develop a Tide Laundromat location in the territory to introduce this new concept to the Cincinnati community.

Consolidated Cleaners of Cincinnati is the continued growth of the Consolidated Group of companies headquartered in Naples, Florida. Along with the development and operation of 18 stores since 2013, with 5 additional locations opening by the end of 2024 on both coast of Florida, and the assumption of control of the Charlotte, North Carolina franchise territory with 10 locations in full operation by June 2024, the expansion into Cincinnati is the next step in the firm’s continued expansion of the Tide Cleaners and Tide Laundromat concept.


Tide Cleaners,

our mission is to make caring for clothes so perfect and simple that your life doesn’t have to revolve around laundry.  

Tide has a history of revolutionizing industries.

Since its inception, Tide has consistently reinvented itself and revolutionized the category in which it has played. Our brand was born out of the belief that the future of laundry could be different than the present – that the highest possible quality, convenience, and customer service is not just a goal, it’s our reality. We are transforming the way people outsource their cleaning needs.


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